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Surat Mulk is the 67th Surat of the Quran Moreover, and it is the first Surat of 29. Surat Mulk is Meccan Surat. Because it was revealed in Mecca on Hazrat Muhammad. The other name of the Surat is Kingship. It has 2 Rukus in It. Further, The number of verses in it is 337.

It has the same number of verses as several Surats present in Quran Pak 30. It has 1316 Letters in it.

If we have a look at the name of Surat Mulk. Mulk is an Arabic word Off course means Angel.

There is no special Background of this Surat, but the Surat theme shows that it is revealed in the early period in Mecca. In this Surat, Allah Gives us many messages.

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Importance Of Surat Mulk:

The Surat Mulk has special importance on other Surat. All the Surat are important. Even a single word of Quran Pak is full of meanings. But below, we discuss the importance of Surat Mulk.

  1. Hazrat Muhammad (S.W). “That there is a surat of thirty verses in the Qur’an which intercedes for man. He will even be forgiven. That is Surat Mulk, that Surat of Quran”.

  2. If there are conjunctions in his eye, you will be recited in Surat Mulk for three consecutive days.

  3. It was narrated from Hazrat Jaber ( R.A) that Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) at night. Surat Tanzeel, who is in the twenty-mercury and did not sleep without reading Surat Mulk

  1. It was narrated from Hazrat Abu Huraira ( R.A)  that Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said that “There is such a Surat of the Holy Quran. He interceded a person until he was spared”.

  2. The Other Most Important Of Surat Mulk is that “Whoever recites this Surah every night and sleeps. This Surat is going to save him from torment in the Hereafter”

  3. It was narrated from Hazrat Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with him) that a Companion put his tent in one place. There was a grave that he did not know. There he heard the voice of a man who was reading Surah * Tabarak-Ul-Zai-Mulk *

  4. It was narrated by Abdullah Ibn Masood That “Who read Surat Mulk every night; Allah will protect him from the Torment of Grave”.

Suppose we look at the importance of this Surah, how Allah Blessed us with such Surah. We can recite it daily at night, and it will be requested in front of Allah to Forgive us.

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Content Of Surat Mulk:

It is one of the special Surah of the Quran. Allah gives many messages in Surat Mulk. Some messages are related to Akhira Or its preparation. There are many other messages which Allah gives us in  Surat Mulk. These messages are given below.

You come to know How Allah Addressed us:

  1. It has spoken about monotheism. Believing in monotheism, there are two types of people in the world. One who has come to believe and others who do not believe. Those who believe should believe without seeing people. But those who do not believe have torment in the Hereafter. In this case, the series of life and death has been explained. In addition, it has been reported to all the scenes of the Hereafter.
  2. In this case, he showed the creations of Allah that the heavens and the earth and the stars, the stars, not only for the beauty of the sky but also for this purpose. That when a devil hears the words of angels in the sky, these stars are killed by these demons
  3. The torment of the Hereafter is described as the Surahs of the rest for one of the infidels in it that the disbelievers will send to hell. The chain in the throat became chained and clogged. There will be no pus and drinking warm water. May Allah protect us from the torment. This punishment will only be in the case that will deny the monotheism of Allah.
  4. There are also warnings for those who draw innovations in religion. On the Day of Resurrection, they will lose water Ab-e-Kosar.
  5. Here, Allah mentions his rewards on us how Allah gave wisdom and consciousness that you can fly in the sky like birds. You take pictures of the paths. Moreover, Allah blessed us with a blessing like gravity.
  6. At the end of Surat, the preparation of the Hereafter has been sought. We should prepare for the Hereafter according to the principles of the Quran. Whatever you say to us, otherwise our end will be bad. No one will be with anyone in the Hereafter.
  7. In the last verse, Allah Almighty has specially mentioned water that this is also a great blessing. No one can manage water for himself. That is why we should thank Allah for every blessing. The incident is attributed to this last verse. As mentioned that if water is gone from the world, what will you do? One person said that we would draw water from the ground on the strength of the hoes. Allah Almighty destroyed his eye water on him, and that man became blind. The unseen voiced that he first took the water of his eyes and punished him for his pride and arrogance.

We should recite this Surah daily for the preparation of the last day.

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