Surah Waqiah Theme & Subject Matter

Surah Waqiah theme is the hereafter, tauhid, and refutation of the Makkan disbelievers’ suspicions about the Quran. This surah labels the three categories of people in the afterlife, the foremost,” the mates of the right and the mates of the left.”  How these three classes of the people will be rewarded and punished has been described in detail in Ayat No.7-56.

 In Ayat No.57-74, arguments have been given, one after the other, to prove the truth of the two fundamental doctrines of Islam, which the disbelievers were refusing to accept. In these contentions, aside from everything else that exists in the earth and sky, man’s consideration has been attracted to his own body and the nourishment that he eats and to the water that he drinks and to the fire on which he prepares his food. He has been welcome to contemplate the inquiry. What right do you need to act freely of, or serve some other than, the God Whose innovative power has brought you into being, and Whose arrangements support you? And how might you engage the possibility that in the wake of having once brought you into reality? He has become so defenseless and frail that He can’t reproduce you by and by regardless of whether he wills to?

In Ayat No.75-82, their doubts regarding the Quran have been disproved. They have been made to recognize how lucky they are that as opposed to getting any profit by the incredible gift that the Qur’an is, they are treating it with little consideration and have set just this portion of theirs in it that they deny it. On the off chance that one truly considers this superior contention that has been exhibited in two brief sentences about the actuality of the Quran, one will discover in it a similar sort of firm and resolute structure.

In conclusion, man has been warned. At death, you become helpless: you cannot save your parents; you cannot keep your children; you cannot save your religious guided and beloved leaders. They all die in front of your eyes while you look on helplessly. If there is no supreme power ruling over you, and your this assumption is correct that you are all in all in the world, and there is no God, then why don’t you restore to the dying person his soul?

Just as you are helpless in this, so it is also beyond your power to stop Allah from calling the people to record and distribute out rewards and punishments to them. You may or may not believe it, but every dying person will surely see his end after death. If he belongs to those nearest to God, he will see the right end meant for them if he is from among the spiritual, he will see the end prepared for the pious; and if he is from with the deniers of the truth, he will see the end dedicated for the offenders.

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