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The Qur’an begins with Surah Fatiha means The Entrance. That is the Qur’an’s initial surah and is considered as the ‘largest surah.’ Because certain scriptural texts have claimed that this chapter will give a compilation of the entire Holy Quran. It is considered as a precise table of contents of the Qur’anic message. Because its seven verses are read at the start of each unit of the Namaz.  There without, the five daily prayers are invalidated. It’s also considered the founder of the Book, The Healing

Revelation History:-

This surah is the first early revelation of Hazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h). Reliable information tells us it is the first complete revelation. Before that, only a few scattered verses were revealed.

It has seven ayahs and was revealed in Makkah.

The Surah is a supplication that Allah has given to everyone who wishes to follow his advice. It was inserted at the start to teach the listener this bit of wisdom.  You truly wish to gain from the Quran then you should say this prayer to the Creator of both the Worlds.

This preamble is intended to inspire in the reader a great desire to seek instruction from Allah, who is the only one who can provide it. Surah Fatiha implies the finest thing that a man can do is pray for guidance on the right road. Study the Quran with a finder mindset, and recognize that Allah is the ultimate truth. As a result, an individual should begin his Quran study with a prayer to Allah.

Message In Surah Fatiha:-

The surah is on God’s relationship with the universe. Several elements of singularity are discussed. Allah is their Rabb, the Lord of all creations, who give them with all they require. On the Last Day, only God will preside over the judgment. Another basic principle that of the afterlife and judgment is touched upon in this way. It is because of His compassion how He will hold a final judgment day on when He by itself will decide the concerns and evaluate the actions and values of the people

Some other element of His kindness highlighted in the surah is that if we humbly seek forgiveness, He grants it. God not just to meets people’s biological needs and provides for their physical well-being, but he also provides spiritual sustenance, as well as religious and moral guidance. He guides guidance to all of those who want it.

Meaning Of Surah Fatiha:-

  1. At the initial, Allah’s worship for Him is conveyed via His most attractive traits, and He encourages His believers to do this.
  2. It also refers to the afterlife, which is the Day of Judgment and instructs Allah’s believers to ask of Him, calling Him and stating that He is the source of all strength and courage.
  3. This even refers to the seriousness with which Allah is worshipped only, marking Him out in His majesty, trusting in His completeness, to be without the need for any companions, and having nothing competitors nor peers.
  4. This surah instructs followers to ask Allah to lead people in the wise direction, that is a form of worship, and also to assist people in continuing on just that path in this lifetime, or to pass over all the actual bridge over a fire that all must cross on the Day of Judgment.
  5. Thus it motivates Believers to do positive deeds because they’d be for the great on the Day of rising. This Surah also advises about following deviant ways to avoid being collected alongside those few who perpetrate sin on the Day of Resurrection, even those who have earned the wrath of Allah and those that have been lead misguided.
  6. Because the entire Surah Fatiha is a full prayer. It is suggested that you recite Ameen once you complete reciting Surah Fatiha. Ameen means “Oh Allah, Please accept our benediction.”

Benefits And Rewards Of Reciting Surah Fatiha:-


There is a treatment factor in this surah. It contains a treatment for the sickness. Therefore, this surah is known as Al Shifa. It provides us safety also from the big illnesses and does cure also.

Ease In Hunger:-

This surah is great for you if you’re in debt or facing hunger, you must read it. If you are facing difficulty, you should read this surah because it brings ease to financial issues of people.

Protect From Evil:-

It also protects us from the Enemy’s anxieties, envy, and negative energy. Before leaving the home, you should read it to become secure from the evil eye.


It is Allah’s dua, which he taught to the believers. This dua provides physical and mental peace. This dua makes all hurdles easy. Someone who’s facing trouble or has some wishes to fulfill than he should read this surah daily and with Allah’s will, all his positive wishes will come true.

The Virtue Of Surah Fatiha:-

Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal recorded in the Musnad that Abu Sa`id bin Al-Mu`alla said,

“I was praying when the Prophet called me, so I did not answer him until I finished the prayer. I then went to him and he said, what stopping you from coming?

I said to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) “I was praying.”

He said, “You didn’t, It’s Allah’s will.”

Tafseer Of Surah Fatiha:-

The Tafseer of verses of this surah are as follow:-

First And Second Verses:-

Therefore, anytime a believer receives a blessing or anything wonderful happens to him, he recalls Allah. It acknowledges because Allah is the one who bestowed this to him. Hamd is a term that impresses Allah, and it can be as tiny as a drink of water or as large as a mountain. Allah is delighted when a believer repeats this, especially if it is spoken from the heart.

Alhamdulillah balances the scales, indicating how highly Allah values this phrase as well as how much pleasure Allah confers for just reciting Alhamdulillah from the heart. How frequently do we consider people who aren’t able to eat or drink? We take it for granted that we have food, and that we have such a diverse range of foods and supplies.

Allah is the one who created the worlds, maintains them, and nurtures them till the last. Because he holds all, all praise is directed to himself.

Because Allah is in charge, the sun always rises at the appointed hour. Because Allah is in charge, there is a great deal of balance in the universe. Some people believe that Allah just created and left everything at that, but this is not the truth. Allah maintains the world and all around.

Third Verse:-

The term Ar-Rahman is reserved for Allah and includes all forms of kindness. Allah is Ar-Rahman for all of humanity, despite what people believe in or if they are evil men or righteous; they all depend on Allah for spiritual livelihood. The term ‘Ar-Raheem,’ on either side, is intended for followers only.

Some who believe in Allah’s positive attention blessings from Him, and will be happy and satisfied in this lifetime and the resurrection. Observe how Allah informs us right at the beginning of the Qur’an that He is a kind Creator. He is Tolerant and understanding and Merciful but does not desire to condemn anyone unjustly.

Repentance is a requirement for seeking forgiveness or mercy. May Allah make us one of those that seek forgiveness as soon as we understand that have done anything bad that has led Him to be angry. Ameen.

Fourth Verse:-

The Day of Judgement is entirely under Allah’s control. Malik denotes Authority, Control, and Whole Possession of the Day of Judgement.

As a result, we must not fall prey to deception. We must never forget that we are answerable to Lord. He is well aware of our activities in this world. He will assemble all of mankind on the Day of Judgment, from Adam (a.s) to the last person born, and ask every one of us to answer for our deeds. He has the ability and the authority to forgive or condemn us. We should be working to impress Allah all the time.

Fifth Verse:-

Humans must recall that they were formed for Allah’s worship and that we are designed by nature to do his devotion. Mankind is forced to respect somebody and give him all they have, and if we do not adore Allah and send him everything that we have, we will give it to someone that doesn’t worth it. As a consequence, we must offer it to Allah, to the one toward whom we shall be back.

He has given it all to us. Allah doesn’t need our devotion. The heavens, the skies, the crops, and the animals all praise Allah. We must use our determination and pray to Allah. Whoever honors Allah turns to him he has provided us everything, so we must return to Allah.

The Prophet (p.b.u.h) and the Sahabah always come to Allah in dua for the tiniest of matters, but they would go to Allah in all of it. Allah says, “Request me anything, and I will respond to you.” When we need assistance, we rely on pals, but we are not always able to reach people and they are occupied, but Allah is always there, and he is never too occupied to hear your prayer. When you request Allah for something, he is delighted. When you ask people for anything, they are not pleased.

This is also the first prayer Allah has taught us.  In any situation, we must seek assistance.

Sixth Verse:-

To follow the guidance, we must first learn how to worship him. Thus humans seek his direction on how to do so. Allah is the one who founded mankind. He is the one who provides us with wisdom. We are unable to pick our style of prayer. We should determine for ourselves that this is how we will serve Allah. We must adore him in the manner in which he has instructed us.

Kneel before Allah, to follow Allah, to take what he has provided us, but to do that without being troubled or disturbed. This is why we pray to Allah, to lead us in the right direction.

Only Allah can provide guidance, you can only receive it if people seek it. The knowledge that is directed goes to behavior. When we pray to Allah for direction, we are asking for either. We must pray for the capacity to go along the path. Thus when we perform the prayer, we are seeking direction.

Seventh Verse:-

We beg Allah to reveal to us the way of those that have received His kindness. Those who obey Allah and His Messengers. We take safety in Allah by those who have earned His anger or those who have strayed from The Path.

If you look at the actions of the Sahaba, you’ll find that they were practical people who performed what they preached. They were aware, and their awareness was manifested in their behaviors. They were obedient, honest, fair, peaceful, and reliable, and they called people to Allah’s path.

So they may know, apply, and promote it to others. They called everyone else to the same quality that they had, to the blessings which they had, to expend in the path of Allah. In other terms, we’re requesting all of these characteristics. When we say we’re asking for certain qualities, we’re talking to the characteristics that these folks had. They are happy with Allah, and he is pleased with them. Therefore we want to be like them, and we are requesting the same.


Teaching from Surah Fatiha:-

Islamic Statement Of Religious Character:-

Allah demonstrates that this religion is not individualized by promoting a group of individuals. It motivates us to spend time with people from whom we can gain and pleasant society upon which to spend our lives.

Considering Allah To Be The Source Of Success:-

When Allah mentions the Right Way, He makes it plain that He is the one who is operating.

He provides it to us instead of out of His boundless kindness. We can offer a Dua asking for His pardon and kindness, but it is essentially a benefit that Allah confers on us. This encourages the believer to be modest in front of Allah once again.


Please lead us along the correct road.

The supplication makes it obvious that we must ask Allah for direction, that He will provide such His grace. It’s interesting to note that Allah called our notice to this clear direction in the first verses of the Quran. Some who stick to this route will be victorious on the Day of Judgement. Allah informs us that those that have His favor will discover this way.

Allah Is The Most Compassionate Of All Creatures.

We frequently imagine Allah punishing us for the wrongdoing we have committed throughout our life. Nevertheless, Allah identifies Himself as the most forgiving in the Quran’s very first verses. His kindness outweighs His anger, and as Muslims, we must recognize him.


To conclude, Surah Fatiha is a strong supplication in which we call our Lord’s most great names, witness to His supremacy, request Him help and direction, and request Him to reward us.

Therefore, the next time you read this Surah, realize that Allah is replying to you right now with every verse you pronounce.






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