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Surah Al Kahf is the 18th Surah Of the Quran consist of 2 Siparah 15 or 16.  It has 12 Rukus in it and 110 Number of Verses present in it. Further, it has 1583 words. It is Meccan Surah revealed in Mecca in early times. Kahf means The Cave. Through the Quran, Allah told many past incidents to tell the people that it is the Book of Allah. And Allah knows everything. So keep following the messages of Allah that are giving in the Quran.

Surah Al Kahf is the about the three main questions. The polytheists asked the Jews of Madinah to believe in the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) to answer three questions in us.

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Jews of Madinah Asked These Three Questions:

1 First question was about the soul

2 The second question was about Hazrat Musa  and Hazrat Khizer

3 The third question was about Al kahf

And some commentators say Jews Madinah asked these three questions.

1 first question was about Al kahf

2 The second question was Hazrat Mousa and Hazrat Khizer

3 The third question was about Zul Al Qurnain

Jewish Medina seemed not to know their answers. It was all past events, So Surah Al Kahf was revealed in response to these questions.

It is the revealed story of Al- Kahf

Importance Of Surah Kahf:

Surah Al Kahf is very important, especially reciting on Friday is very beneficial. The significance of the Surah is giving below:

In a tradition, Hazrat Ali (RA) is pleased with him) that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: Whoever reads Surah Kahf on Friday. He will be safe from every temptation till next Friday. When the Dajjal comes, it is safe from his temptation.

In a tradition, a person who recited Surah Al Kahf on Friday will become light from his step to the height of the sky, light on the Day of Resurrection. And all his sins will be forgiven from last Friday until that day.

Hazrat Abu Darda has a tradition that the person who memorized the first ten verses of Surah Al Kahf will be protected from the antichrist’s temptation.

It is the subject in another tradition, that is, the last ten verses are mention to be safe from the temptation of Dajjal.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) revealed in the whole time of Kahf, and seventy thousand angels are with whom His greatness is glorious.

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Content Of Surah Kahf:

As we know that the questions were revealed in the answers, then, in this case, these questions are answered.

Al- Kahf:

In the story of those who took refuge in the cave. The king of the time was an idol and forced the whole nation to idolatry. Some firm believers refused to worship idols, so their lives were buried. These people took shelter in the cave to save their lives.

It included a lot of people, including the king’s cook and his dog. They all took refuge in a cave. It had many of which one of the king’s cooks and his dog was also. They all took shelter in a cave. Ali Allah also protected them and slept deeply۔In this way, the king was sleeping for three hundred years and changed. The king of the time was Christian when they woke up from a deep sleep.

They thought he slept for a whole day. But when he saw his hair and nails coming home, he understood that he had slept more than a day. In the same way, when everyone felt hungry, he sent a partner to take food. He was an old-fashioned coin when he gave money to eat, so people found out the truth. And when he arrived in the cave with him, he first entered the cave, but after that, no one could enter the cave; the king of time put a plaque in the cave in the name of the Al Kahf.

The Incident Of Hazrat Mousa And Hazrat Khizer In Surah Al Kahf:

Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Khizer left on a journey. The condition of the journey was that Hazrat Musa would not ask Hazrat Khizer. The journey was decided that Mousa Will no Ask Question Hazrat Musa and Hazrat Khizer will be on the boat. Arrived at one place. So Hazrat Khizer uprooted a plank from the ship.

Hazrat Musa did not release, and the question was written by Hazrat Khizer, warning him then reached an island. On the island, Hazrat hung up and slaughtered an adult boy۔On this, Hazrat Musa was surprised and questioned. Hazrat Khizer said yes, now if you ask questions, we will separate.

Hazrat Musa promised, and the journey resumed. By reaching a place, Hazrat Khizer rebuilt a falling wall on which Hazrat khizer did it again. Now it was time to leave. Before the separation, Hazrat Khizer answered three questions. The throne of the boat was uprooted. After all, he could not return the king because he left the defective boats.

A boy was slaughtered because he was an infidel in his youth. And he has forced his parents to disbelieve. Allah had to give them a good and righteous child in exchange for this boy. And the treasure of orphans under the wall I built is not buried. If she had fallen, people would have taken her away. The children would be young and get it themselves.

Who Is Zul Al Qurnain?

We found the name of Zul Al- Qurnain in Surah Al Kahf. Zul Al-Qurnain was an excellent king. He has made three trips in his life. Towards the east, they found the sun very close to the earth, and savage people settled whenever they traveled to the west and won victories۔While the third direction did not mention. Still, some people were paid in power but did not understand their language.

They had a problem. The people of Yajuj Majuj used to rob them, and he asked Zulqarnain to solve this problem. And instruct me that iron planks were informed these mountains after putting them on top of each other when the iron crumbled. Then he put a walking lead on top of it, which will lead on a solid wall. Zul Al qurnain is mentioned in the Quran to show their cowardness and faith.

Surah Al Kahf has these three significant incidents in it.


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